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72 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 18 February 2007 09:23PM

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Comment author: lukeprog 22 August 2011 01:51:00AM *  3 points [-]

Stephen Colbert said it well on his August 15, 2011 show:

PAWLENTY (video clip): I'm gonna be ending my campaign for president. What I brought forward was I thought a rational, established, credible, ...strong record of results... but I think the audience… was looking for something different.

COLBERT: Yes. They were not looking for "rational." Rationality is the third rail of American politics. For the love of God, we eat fried butter on a stick. Does that sound like the act of a rational person?

Comment author: Kevin 22 August 2011 02:13:55AM 2 points [-]

For the love of God, we eat fried butter on a stick. Does that sound like the act of a rational person?

I have some very rational friends that think so.

Comment author: MBlume 22 August 2011 02:24:12AM 1 point [-]

Alicorn and I are both wondering how one goes about making this. I totally want some. I think she's just morbidly curious.

Comment author: Vaniver 22 August 2011 02:39:11AM 4 points [-]

That's not all that'll be morbid when you're done!

Comment author: [deleted] 22 August 2011 02:39:56AM *  2 points [-]

Typically, to deep fry things that would normally melt in the frying process (cheese, candy bars, and etc.) you freeze them rock-solid beforehand.

Comment author: Alicorn 22 August 2011 02:58:49AM 1 point [-]

Right, but butter? Do you at least dunk it in batter or something first?

Comment author: [deleted] 22 August 2011 03:55:30AM 2 points [-]

With fat oozing out of its thick cinnamon and honey batter and sugary icing being drizzled over the top, just looking at this new state fair snack might make you feel sick.

This new delicacy of deep-fried batter on a stick has become a hit for a vendor at the Iowa State Fair.

First hit on Google for "deep fried butter".

Comment author: MBlume 22 August 2011 05:00:09AM 4 points [-]

Wait, they use honey? That sounds like it would be terrible for you!