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54 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 15 March 2007 06:04PM

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Comment author: Robin_Hanson2 15 March 2007 06:20:36PM 36 points [-]

Imagine a person who declares they are not blue or green, but are just trying as best they can to judge the truth, and their estimate will change with time and context. Imagine that their behavior appears to fit this description. How will other people treat this person? Will they seek him out as a source of good policy information? Will they hire him or fund his work? Or will they suspect him of really being on the other side, and pretending neutrality as a rhetorical trick?

Comment author: JJ10DMAN 26 April 2011 06:57:28PM 30 points [-]

Amen. Blue vs. Green thinking is the norm, and I have been accused (negatively) of being a liberal and a conservative in the same day.

Your opinion doesn't sound like mine, so it's probably the other side's opinion.