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32 Post author: JesseGalef 17 May 2013 01:59AM

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Comment author: james_edwards 17 May 2013 04:28:30AM *  5 points [-]

Do you have something to drink? Get yourself some tea, coffee, or water.

Also: Is your work area bright enough? Turn on your desk lamp.

Feels like a free concentration boost to me.

Comment author: malcolmocean 03 November 2015 07:54:39PM 0 points [-]

Also: is your work area too bright? Turn off a light.

Hawthorne Effect

Comment author: entirelyuseless 03 November 2015 09:44:52PM 0 points [-]

I defy the data. I am quite sure that personally I get lazier as it gets darker, and I doubt that this effect is completely personal.