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Reductionism sequence now available in audio format

18 Post author: Rick_from_Castify 02 June 2013 02:55AM

The sequence "Reductionism", which includes the subsequences "Joy in the Merely Real" and "Zombies", is now available as a professionally read podcast.

Thanks to those who've been listening, let us know how your experience has been thus far and what you think of the service by dropping an email to support@castify.co.  

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Comment author: Maelin 02 June 2013 04:23:53AM 4 points [-]

In the description in the centre of the page, it says "Note: Due to its abundant use of math, this package excludes the article The Quotation is not the Referent." but then right next to that, number 6 in the list of Included Articles, is "The Quotation is not the Referent".

Also, is it possible to get a preview?

Comment author: player_03 02 June 2013 06:41:18PM *  1 point [-]

A podcast entry is included for that one, but it just directs you to read the original article.

I was going to link you one of the other podcasts (which all provide samples), but then I realized you might be asking why this specific podcast doesn't have one.

Comment author: Rick_from_Castify 03 June 2013 11:09:35PM 0 points [-]

A sample has been added. "Joy in the Merely Real" http://castify.co/channels/43-reductionism

Comment author: Tumnus 02 June 2013 08:12:05PM 2 points [-]


Comment author: PhilGoetz 24 May 2013 05:30:20PM 2 points [-]

I think this post should be "promoted".

Comment author: Dr_Manhattan 24 May 2013 12:20:29AM 2 points [-]

Been waiting! Thanks.