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55 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 12 July 2007 05:45PM

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Comment author: Swimmer963 09 April 2012 11:57:09AM 4 points [-]

Depends what your degree is in. I'm studying nursing, and it seems to me that the point of it is to finish with a licence, i.e. a piece of paper proving that you know how to perform a certain range of skills and can do so safely. (Actually, I guess that's the point of the provincial exam...the point of the degree itself is to prepare you for the provincial exam, but just graduating from a nursing program doesn't automatically give you a licence.)

I'm guessing this is true for engineering, too, and any other degree where you're going to end up doing a job that affects people's safety and survival. And I think it's true for a lot of community college programs. I don't know what percentage of all college and university degrees these kind of degrees represent, but it's non-zero.

To a degree, this is true of any technical/science degree. An industry lab would hire someone with a degree in chemistry, but probably not someone with a degree in English. So that does make the degree proof of knowledge, not just conscientiousness.