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53 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 09 August 2007 01:46AM

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Comment author: DanielLC 30 June 2012 03:51:36AM 0 points [-]

Depressive realism is an incredibly, well, depressing fact about the world.

It's not that depressing. If it was lack of bias that caused the depression, that would be bad, but I'm pretty certain it's the other way around.

Comment author: pnrjulius 30 June 2012 03:56:37AM 0 points [-]

So you're saying you think that while maybe typically happy people are more irrational, it's still possible to be rational and happy.

I guess I agree with that. But sometimes I feel like I may just hope this is true, and not actually have good evidence for it.