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69 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 11 August 2007 12:21AM

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Comment author: falenas108 10 February 2014 02:24:41PM 1 point [-]

The way you phrase it hides the crucial part of the story. Rephrasing:

  1. Person is telling the truth a.) They are having a heart attack, but the paramedics judged wrongly, dismissed it, and didn't take him to the hospital. b.) They are not having a heart attack, the paramedics judged rightly, and the paramedics dismissed it and didn't take him to the hospital.
  2. Person is lying.

Eliezer is saying that he should have known scenario 1 is wrong because regardless of whether or not the paramedics think it's legit, they would have taken the person to the hospital anyway. So, 1a and 1b must be wrong, leaving 2.

Or, if I were going to add to your model, I would add "The Medical Establishment always takes in the ambulance if they call for a medical reason." Then, when the information given is "Paramedics say hospitalization is unnecessary," that would have been a direct conflict between model and information, where Eliezer had to choose between rejecting the model and rejecting the information.