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62 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 August 2007 03:40AM

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Comment author: Rixie 28 March 2013 02:51:01PM -1 points [-]

This is kind of like in the (fantastic) (children's) book The Myserious Benedict Society. In the book, a bad person invents a machine that uses TV and radio broadcasts to control people's minds. They project words into every broadcast, so that people are subliminally affected. The good guy builds a machine that allows him to hear the words directly. He gets gibberish. Things like, "poison apples, poison worms." He sends in a group of four children to investigate. They are to go to the school set up by the bad person and attempt to gather more knowledge about the machine. While at the school, they excel at their studies through, um, various means, because they heard that the best students get hooked up to the machine. While they are being hooked up to the machine, the bad guy asks them what they think of when he says the phrase, "Poison apples, poison worms." Immediately, the lesson on how corrupt the govournment was, the lesson that was entitled "Poison apples, poison worms" comes back to them. And it's like this that the bad guy can control peoples' minds with gibberish, the words mean something to the children that he uses. What counts is what's going on inside the children's minds, not the actual broadcasted words at all.

Comment author: Rixie 28 March 2013 03:01:05PM -1 points [-]

Not that that's what this article meant, I just though that this may amuse or interest one or two people . . .