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Meetup : Meetup at CFAR, Wednesday: Nutritionally complete bread

1 Post author: Nisan 07 January 2014 10:25AM

Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup at CFAR, Wednesday: Nutritionally complete bread

WHEN: 08 January 2014 07:00:00PM (-0800)

WHERE: 2030 Addison, 3rd floor, Berkeley, CA

Due to popular demand, the Berkeley meetups will be held at the CFAR office from now on. This week, Romeo_Stevens will be showcasing their nutritionally complete bread. (Like Soylent, but better.) Romeo will answer your questions about nutrition, longevity, the bread business, and effective altruism. Also, you will get to taste their bread.

Please arrive between 7pm and 7:30pm on Wednesday. Romeo's presentation will begin at 7:30pm. It won't take long, and we will hang out afterward. CFAR is at 2030 Addison, 3rd floor, Berkeley, near the Downtown Berkeley BART. If you find yourself locked out, text me at:


Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup at CFAR, Wednesday: Nutritionally complete bread

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Comment author: Gunnar_Zarncke 07 January 2014 11:12:05AM 3 points [-]

Nutritionally complete bread sounds interesting. Could you post the recipe or a link about that? Discussing nutrition is probably out of scope for LW but I wonder whether the general approach to put all parts into one basket (here:bread) is a good idea given a large search space (here: human biodiversity).

Comment author: Nisan 12 January 2014 09:06:38PM 1 point [-]

So, there's no website yet but when there is, it will be announced on Less Wrong. The recipe will be published too, I think.

Comment author: Nisan 08 January 2014 04:10:35AM 0 points [-]

I don't know if the recipe is public information and I don't know if there's a website yet. If there is, I'll post it here.

Comment author: V_V 08 January 2014 09:52:34AM -1 points [-]

What's the point of nutritionally complete bread?

Comment author: drethelin 08 January 2014 02:11:14AM -1 points [-]

Considering the best thing about bread is putting stuff on it or in it nutritionally complete bread seems like it would be a giant disappointment.