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Meetup : Berkeley: The Twelve Virtues

0 Post author: Nisan 12 February 2014 07:56PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Berkeley: The Twelve Virtues

WHEN: 12 February 2014 07:00:00PM (-0800)

WHERE: 2030 Addison, 3rd floor, Berkeley, CA 94703

Tonight's meetup will feature a critical discussion of the Twelve Virtues of Rationality, an essay that is cited in the Less Wrong Sequences:


In particular, I'd like to see discussion of:

What exactly are these virtues, and what are good examples of them?

Which virtues are overemphasized?

What virtues are underemphasized or absent?

Comparison with other lists of virtues (Catholicism, Benjamin Franklin, etc.)

Whether the idea of "virtue" is useful at all.

Please arrive between 7pm and 7:30pm tonight. At 7:30pm we'll review our weekly goals and record goals for the coming week. Then we'll discuss the twelve virtues as long as people are interested.

The CFAR office is at 2030 Addison, 3rd floor, Berkeley, near the Downtown Berkeley BART. If you find yourself locked out, text me at


Even though this takes place at CFAR, it's not a CFAR-sponsored event.

Discussion article for the meetup : Berkeley: The Twelve Virtues

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Is there no place for creativity in this Way?