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28 Post author: RobbBB 21 July 2014 10:14PM

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Comment author: Alejandro1 24 July 2014 01:01:26PM -1 points [-]

One thing that doesn't quite fit is this: If you are the weaker side, how is it possible that you come and bully me, and expect me to immediately give up? This doesn't seem like a typical behavior or weaker people surrounded by stronger people. (Possible explanation: This side is locally strong here, for some definition of "here", but the enemy side is stronger globally.)

Another explanation could be that the side is dominant in one form of battle (moralizing) but weak at another kind (economic power, prestige, literal battle) and wish to play to their strengths.

See also Yvain on social vs. structural power.

Comment author: wedrifid 24 July 2014 10:43:56PM 0 points [-]

See also Yvain on social vs. structural power.

Certainly related. I'd perhaps categorise the core battle here as between different forms of social power but the same kind of breakdown of power kinds applies. Sometimes there is bleed-over into structural power as well (for both 'sides' at various times.)