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40 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 01 November 2007 03:57AM

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Comment author: Michael_Sullivan 01 November 2007 03:48:56PM 0 points [-]

I think fundamentalism is precarious, because it encourages a scientific viewpoint with regards to the faith, which requires ignorance or double-think to be stable. In the absence of either, it implodes.

It requires more than merely a scientific viewpoint toward the faith, but a particular type of strong reductionism.

In my experience it is much easier to take the christian out of a fundamentalist christian, than to take the fundamentalist out of a fundamentalist christian. A lot of the most militant atheists seem to have begun life by being raised in a fundamentalist or orthodox tradition. The epistemology stays the same, only the result changes. Deciding on an appropriate epistomology is a much harder and deeper question to resolve than merely what to conclude about God v. No God given a strong reductionist epistemology Under SRE, something in the neighborhood of atheism, antheism or very weak agnosticism becomes a very clear choice once you get rid of explicit indoctrination to the contrary.

But strong reductionist epistemology can't really be taken as a given.