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80 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 November 2007 06:57AM

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Comment author: MrHen 15 March 2010 03:45:09PM 5 points [-]

Darwinian Evolution is irrelevant to the whole discussion.

I think I understand the point you are trying to make with this. The questions I have in response are these:

  • When does Darwiniain Evolution become relevant for the discussion of life as we know it?
  • Where does your theory of supernatural creation stop and natural cause and effect take over?
  • If I were able to study, examine, and see the original supernatural creation of life, would I be able to explain it naturally? In other words, did the supernatural creator use already existing natural components and processes? Or did it create new components and processes? Or... ?
  • If I were able to replicate the supernatural phenomena of creation using natural components could would this be evidence for or against your theory of supernatural creation?

You talk about DNA, replication, bacterium and other complicated terms. I don't know anything about these terms so I am not able to debate you on the particulars. The questions above are not a challenge. They are intended to clarify what you meant in terms I can understand.