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80 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 November 2007 06:57AM

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Comment author: DaFranker 08 November 2012 04:29:55PM *  1 point [-]

also if you try to find the sole evidence in books all you will ever get is references to other book or people they heard from.

And "the bible" (the sole source of real data in the web page you linked in the grandparent) is a more reliable source because it has in other fields made incredibly accurate predictions and the "facts" stated within are, on average, more true than things discovered through a scientific process, right?

I defy both your data and your motives for coming here and telling us essentially "you're wrong, because the bible says X and you say Y". If you want to discuss reasonably, and have a real exchange of information, I will gladly hold a dialogue with you. However, the very first essential requirement for this is that you state, right now, beforehand and outright in clear terms, which pieces of evidence would make you change your mind if this evidence were to be shown to you, or which experiences you could have that would be strong indications that your previous conclusions are false.

If there is no possible thing you could see, observe, feel, hear, experience that would make you change your mind about your conclusion, then you either lack imagination or have a broken belief system ("having a broken belief system" is a local jargon for "There's something in your mind that's so broken that you believe all cats secretly slay dragons while no humans are looking, but nothing anyone could possibly say could possibly convince you that cats don't hunt dragons in their spare time, because your brain will always find an excuse for why cats aren't all bloody after their dragon-slaying, or why we can't find any remains of the dragons, or any other thing we might try to look for to disprove or confirm the theory").