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80 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 November 2007 06:57AM

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Comment author: g 04 November 2007 08:19:28AM 1 point [-]

Douglas, you already know what your main point is, and you already believe it, whatever it is, so you have two advantages over us in looking at a random Google hit and turning it into perceived evidential support for your points. The reason why others haven't been impressed by your saying "google tuberculosis strain w" isn't that we're too lazy to type that into Google (though, speaking only for myself, once you've clearly already done that and found what seems to you a good page, it seems odd that you're so reluctant to say what it actually is).

When you want to point to a particular piece of information on the web, there's a thing called a URL you can use. It's both less effort and more useful than giving a vague description of how to find something using Google.

What do you think "the current model" is? Are you saying it doesn't include horizontal gene transfer? (I;m not a biologist, but I'd thought such things were common knowledge among evolutionary biologists.) A great deal of evolution has been observed and fits the current model very well. What on earth are you on about when you say "the only actual evolution that has been observed does not fit this model"?

The question about human life on earth versus other life on earth was "postdated by more than a week". There is a reason for that.

As for appropriateness in this venue, that would be a question for the people who run it. I suppose alleged biases involving evolution are fair game in comments to a post about evolution here. If you ever actually said what those alleged biases are and why they constitute *biases* rather than mere *disagreements*, though, it would be less unhelpful.