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38 Post author: BT_Uytya 02 September 2014 09:44PM

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Comment author: dvasya 03 September 2014 06:25:41PM 1 point [-]

The Planning Fallacy explanation makes a lot of sense.

Comment author: shminux 07 November 2014 07:14:23PM 1 point [-]

Off-topic: you seem to be one of the organizers of the Houston meetup. I'll be in town the week of Nov 16, feel free to let me know if there is anything scheduled.

Comment author: dvasya 12 November 2014 11:49:36PM 0 points [-]

Hi shminux. Sorry, just saw your comment. We don't seem to have a date set for November yet, but let me check with the others. Typically we meet on Saturdays, are you still around on the 22nd? Or we could try Sunday the 16th. Let me know.

Comment author: shminux 13 November 2014 03:38:56AM 0 points [-]

I'm leaving on Thu very early, so Sunday is better. However, I might be occupied with some family stuff instead, so please do not change your plans because of me. I'll check the Google group messages and contact you if I can make it. Thanks!