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9 Post author: Stuart_Armstrong 01 December 2014 06:04PM

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Comment author: roystgnr 02 December 2014 02:35:33AM 0 points [-]

If your differentials have an associated error term that is O(epsilon) or worse, then no choice of epsilon will get them to add up correctly.

Comment author: Dagon 02 December 2014 12:39:05PM 1 point [-]

That's a really good point. The solution there would be to acknowledge the uncertainty, rather than changing either the sum or the components.

Another bullet for me to bite: I'm fairly confident in #1. I'm highly uncertain on #2. I'm middling uncertain on #3. I don't intuitively like it, but I'm not actually sure how firmly I can defend that position (to myself).

Thanks! It adds up again!