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16 Post author: Gondolinian 15 December 2014 02:57AM

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Comment author: Jiro 25 June 2015 02:19:27PM 1 point [-]

He's asserting that most troubles between men and women fall into a particular category. It might be that man/man troubles rarely fall into that category, and because most of that category is missing, are less numerous overall.

Comment author: [deleted] 25 June 2015 05:10:24PM 5 points [-]

Well... Having once been infatuated with my supervisor and more than once reduced by him to tears even when my infatuation wore off, I can say this:

It's not people falling in love with people that really reduces group output. Being in love I worked like I would never do again.

It's people growing disappointed with people/goals, or having an actual life (my colleague quit her PhD when her husband lost his job, + they had a kid), or - God forbid! - competing for money. Now that's what I would call trouble.

Comment author: MaryCh 28 August 2017 05:59:11PM *  0 points [-]

Just noting here that I was wrong. I'm working 12 hr a day now (it's The Season), hate my current boss for doing less than he could and generally creating work out of thin air, and am still very much content not to be a housewife.

Comment author: Creutzer 02 July 2015 09:10:43AM 0 points [-]

Very good point! It's a ubiquitous stereotype, but it's not a priori clear to me that workplace romance leads to a net decrease in productivity, and I haven't seen real evidence for it. Google Scholar yielded nothing, it either ignores the search word "productivity" or just yields papers that report the cliché.