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81 Post author: RobbBB 13 March 2015 03:11PM

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Comment author: Wind 15 August 2016 05:24:40PM 0 points [-]

A friend of mine is interested in reading this book, but would prefer a printed copy. Is there any chance that this book will be published any time soon?

Comment author: jrincayc 27 August 2017 12:58:09PM 0 points [-]

I have used the two column version: https://github.com/jrincayc/rationality-ai-zombies/releases/download/beta3/rationality_from_ai_to_zombies_2c.pdf with https://www.lulu.com/ to make a printed version for myself.

Note that there are problems with the that pdf, so it isn't perfect, but it might work. The regular PDF is too long to print as a single book.