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13 Post author: turchin 01 June 2015 09:58AM

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Comment author: ete 02 June 2015 01:04:58PM 0 points [-]

I'm curious about why this was downvoted?

Comment author: OrphanWilde 02 June 2015 01:23:02PM 1 point [-]

One person downvoted it, which means it could be anything from "I don't like spelling corrections" to "I disagree about not giving dates".

In general, if only one person downvotes, it is best not to ask. I don't see anything worth downvoting in your post myself, although I wouldn't upvote it, because it reads to me more like an attempt at compressing many applause lights into one comment without paying attention to any one than an attempt at genuine suggestions for improvement. (It's a little -too- Less Wrongian.)