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5 Post author: AspiringRationalist 25 January 2016 04:25AM

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Comment author: Gyrodiot 25 January 2016 12:39:12PM 3 points [-]


I have two areas I'd like to study: deep learning, and anything on the MIRI research guide. Lots of material is available on both topics, but I'd like to pair up with someone to build a good learning strategy (for lack of a better expression).

I have some knowledge of algebra, probability theory, logic, game theory, machine learning (Master's Degree in Computer Science).

Regarding deep learning, I have a small collection of links, Udacity, and I'm positive learning materials abound now that the field is really popular.

Regarding MIRI's research guide, well, the guide itself provides a lot of links and pointers.

My timezone is CET (UTC+1).

Comment author: harshhpareek 08 February 2016 04:15:21PM 2 points [-]

Hi, I'm an AI PhD student and I just signed up for the Udacity Deep Learning course. Lets do this!

Comment author: SherkanerUnderhill 28 January 2016 03:21:11PM 1 point [-]

I'm going to apply for AI research related PhD this year. I want to start some research project in the near future with a goal of learning and increasing the chances of successful PhD admission. It's very likely that the domain of this research project will lie close to ML or MIRI research agenda.

I have only a bachelor degree in Engineering (CS and Software Engineering). I work as a software engineer and spend evenings by preparing for GRE, thinking and learning about FAI. Probably will do something with my job to free more time. My timezone: UTC+6.

Comment author: Gyrodiot 28 January 2016 10:15:04PM 0 points [-]

I forgot to mention I was currently an AI PhD student. Which doesn't entail much free time ^^

So... what exactly are you interested in learning (if you want to pair up)? I'm also interested in your project, if you have an idea in mind.

Comment author: leplen 25 January 2016 03:52:30PM 1 point [-]

I'm working through the udacity deep learning course right now, and I'm always trying to learn more things on the MIRI research guide. I'm in a fairly different timezone, but my schedule is pretty flexible. Maybe we can work something out?

Comment author: AspiringRationalist 28 January 2016 02:14:07AM 2 points [-]

I just finished Stanford's machine learning class on Coursera and I was thinking about starting Google's Udacity course.

I don't have much formal background in CS (2 classes in college and later a couple Coursera classes), but I've been working as a software engineer for a few years now.

I am in U.S. Eastern Time (UTC-4).