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52 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 30 January 2008 05:52PM

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Comment author: Z._M._Davis 31 January 2008 06:09:02PM 3 points [-]

"So I hereby retract my argument against voting, Pascal's Mugging, and Pascal's Wager. In the particular Mugging we discussed, there may have been anthropic reasons to make it proportionally improbable. But without such reasons, it should be accepted."

I'm certainly glad you think so, Unknown, because I was just contacted by the Dark Lords of the Matrix. It turns out that we are living in a simulation. I have no idea what the physics of the world outside are like, but they're claiming that unless you personally send $100 to SIAI right now, they're going to put one dust speck in the eye of each of BusyBeaver(BusyBeaver(BusyBeaver(3^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^3))!!)! people.

Get out your checkbook, quickly, before it's too late!