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7 Post author: turchin 22 February 2016 11:18AM

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Comment author: NancyLebovitz 27 February 2016 04:36:59PM 0 points [-]

Such multipandemic would wipe out most of humanity and survivors will die of starvation.

The survivors will not all die of starvation-- there will be stored food, and there are people who know how to do low and moderate tech agriculture, not to mention hunting and gathering.

I think you've talking about something that will end most of our civilization, not the human race.

Comment author: turchin 27 February 2016 06:34:54PM 0 points [-]

If all fields will be covered with anthrax and botulism producing environmental organisms, agriculture will not be possible... By remote groups of people I meant people in Antarctica Polar station or undocked ships. The final result will depend of ability of dangerous agent to cover large distances by air. (birds could do it and they are transmitting birds flu).