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18 Post author: AnnaSalamon 14 April 2016 02:35AM

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Comment author: AnnaSalamon 10 April 2016 07:02:45PM 1 point [-]

Alas, yes; I found that unfortunate as well, since I, too, had wanted to attend both!

Comment author: rpmcruz 14 April 2016 10:58:05PM *  0 points [-]

By the way, when do we get acceptance/rejection notifications? (And do we? :))

I have applied to the Fellows program. But I would need to know the answer to my application, in order to buy not terribly expensive flights, and to book holidays for that period. It's really useful for those of us who live in the other side of the planet to know. :) (I am not complaining, I appreciate the enormous work you guys are putting out there, including this free workshop, but it would be cool to know something about the application process. It is fine if I was rejected (well, I will be sad :)), but please let us know.)

Comment author: AnnaSalamon 16 April 2016 06:04:31AM 0 points [-]

Working through these slowly; should be up to date by 4/24.

Comment author: rpmcruz 16 April 2016 09:07:50AM 0 points [-]

Sorry for being so impatient. :)

ps: I have received an email, and will submit the information during the weekend!