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41 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 08 February 2008 12:07AM

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Comment author: Benevolence 11 July 2012 06:15:10AM *  3 points [-]

Hi there, fairly new here to LW. I'm reading through the sequences in order. went through map and territory and mysterious answers to mysterious questions. Now going through this 37 ways words can be wrong sequence, as its recommended before i delve into reductionism.

Its been said several times that LW tries to cater to a broad audience, but i find myself lost here. I have not extensively studied physics, only having done 1 year of engineering so far, and the physics references here are pretty much unintelligible to me. I don't know what configuration space is, or quaternary coordinates, or thingspace, or what strings are being referred to. I find myself struggling to grasp this post.

EDIT: I've read through this a few times. I still have almost no idea on most of the math, but I'm guessing the "moral" of this post is basically "don't become overly obsessed with definitions"?

Comment author: PetjaY 02 May 2015 06:22:42PM 0 points [-]

Reading Eliezers quantum physics sequence should help with configuration spaces and thingspaces, probably some other physics references aswell.