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Meetup : Summer Solstice Party, NYC

0 Post author: Raemon 19 June 2016 07:13PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Summer Solstice Party, NYC

WHEN: 25 June 2016 03:00:05PM (-0400)

WHERE: Flushing Meadows - Corona Park

We'll be meeting outdoors to celebrate the longest day of the year[1]. The format will be something like an "Open Space," or "Unconference", but in an outdoor environment where people are welcome to share things other than talks. If you have an idea for an activity to run, a workshop to lead, or an experiment to try, you're welcome to sign up for a timeslot.

We'll be meeting at 3:00PM under the Unisphere (the huge globe at the center of the park). We'll make sure to hang out in the immediate vicinity of that until at least 4:00PM some latecomers can find us - after that, we may migrate around looking at interesting things.

RSVP on the facebook event to help us plan better:


Discussion article for the meetup : Summer Solstice Party, NYC

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