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6 Post author: turchin 03 July 2016 01:17PM

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Comment author: James_Miller 03 July 2016 09:41:43PM 1 point [-]

In attempting to get people to sign up for cryonics I have learned that most people don't want to live for a very long time.

Comment author: turchin 03 July 2016 09:48:03PM *  1 point [-]

Yes ... (( Ben Goertzel suggested another term: "potentially indefinite life extension". It is almost the same as immortality, but people may feel freedom on ontological level with it.

Nobody wants to be trapped forever in unpleasant conditions, and to become immortal is the first step to such situation )) So we should address this concern.

Comment author: qmotus 05 July 2016 08:50:36AM 0 points [-]

I wouldn't call cryonics life extension; sounds more like resurrection to me. And, well, "potentially indefinite life extension" after that, sure.

Comment author: turchin 05 July 2016 10:28:51AM 0 points [-]

Another good wording is "respawning", which came from computer games, and means ability of a character to appear again, something like resurrection.