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3 Post author: turchin 16 July 2016 12:11PM

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Comment author: Algernoq 21 July 2016 03:45:28AM 2 points [-]

Don't let the fact that bad female actors exist deter you from having happy relationships with good female actors.

"Good" = doing what benefits others. "Bad" = doing what benefits me.

It's safest to assume that any woman will dump/manipulate/cheat me the second it's in her best interest to do so.

It's safest to assume all guns are loaded.

Nope, the best case scenario is to marry the chief or otherwise secure the commitment of a high status man.

Nope, for any given high status man the woman is able to marry, there exists an even higher status man the woman would be able to fuck, but not marry, given a large population, and assuming infidelity is legal. Thus, in the real world, a woman marrying the most wealthy man who wants to marry her and then cheating with the most attractive man who wants to fuck her gives her the best combination she can achieve. A man who was both as rich as her husband and as hot as her affair partner would never marry her.

It doesn't take a genius to think of stuff like this

Any time this phrase occurs: think about it harder, and insist domain experts check it.

Comment author: ChristianKl 21 July 2016 02:36:57PM 0 points [-]

There are guys who primarily car about having sex with hot woman and there are woman who primarily care about having sex with hot man.

In both cases that's not the whole population.

Furthermore for many woman having sex with a man with whom they are in a love relationship is better than having sex with man with whom they aren't.

Comment author: hg00 21 July 2016 10:36:14AM *  0 points [-]

assuming infidelity is legal


Anyway, it sounds like you've gone through a lot. I'm sorry to hear of your suffering. I hope that someday you will have joyful experiences that help you put your current suffering in perspective.

Comment author: Algernoq 21 July 2016 05:56:10PM 1 point [-]

Thank you for the kind words.

Comment author: Lumifer 21 July 2016 04:41:48AM -1 points [-]

It's safest to assume that any woman will dump/manipulate/cheat me the second it's in her best interest to do so.

Ask and ye shall receive.

You're setting yourself up for an unhappy life.

Comment author: Algernoq 21 July 2016 04:52:43AM 2 points [-]

"What good is life experience to someone who plays Quidditch?" said Professor Quirrell, and shrugged. "I think you will change your mind in time, after every trust you place has failed you, and you have become cynical."

"You have to get seriously burnt by friends/employers/family members (ideally all three) over women/money/jobs (again ideally all three) before you realise that you create more hassle for yourself and crush opportunities if people perceive you to be smart/rich/well connected. Most people simply are not worth knowing and are too insecure to be good friends with."

Comment author: Lumifer 21 July 2016 05:18:33AM 1 point [-]

I am pretty cynical already and I don't see the point of this quote. I am not saying you should be a loyal friend to the whole world.

You, I presume, have been recently burned and so your sense of risk-reward is skewed at the moment. Yes, you can arrange your life to be almost entirely safe from emotional harm, but I suspect it will be a barren and highly unsatisfying life.