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Meetup : Language – The Stuff of Thought (Rationality Dojo - Melbourne)

0 Post author: Chriswaterguy 31 July 2016 03:37AM

Discussion article for the meetup : Language – The Stuff of Thought (Rationality Dojo - Melbourne)

WHEN: 07 August 2016 03:30:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: Ground Floor, Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane. Melbourne, Vic

The next rationality dojo for Less Wrong Melbourne will be next Sunday, 7 August.

Turn up at 3:30pm to socialise, because we start at 4pm sharp.

NOTE: We are meeting Sunday this month, and we're in a different room. We'll make it easy to find.

We watch some Pinker, read some Orwell and discuss, in a bid to undertand how language shapes our thinking.

We'll finish with some strategic self-improvement options (none of which involve walking across breaking boards with your bare hands or being asked to chant).

At about 6:30pm some of us will probably head for dinner in the CBD, and you are welcome to join us.

WHEN: Sun 7 August, 3:30pm to 6:30pm

WHERE: Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane. Ground Floor, past the front desk near the back. Rather than the right hand door where we usually go in, it will be easiest to enter via the main door on the left.

If you have any trouble finding the venue or getting in, text or call Chris on 0439 471 632. For convenience and prompt service, please arrive before 4 pm - that also gives us more chance to catch up before things start.

WHAT'S THIS ABOUT?: The Less Wrong Melbourne Rationality Dojos are self-improvement sessions for those committed to the art of rationality and personal growth. We welcome new members who are interested in exploring rationality. We're "aspiring rationalists" and always open to learn.

Discussion article for the meetup : Language – The Stuff of Thought (Rationality Dojo - Melbourne)

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