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Meetup : Munich Meetup in August

0 Post author: Teobaldo 06 August 2016 10:19AM

Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup in August

WHEN: 13 August 2016 01:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: JetBrains Event Space, 5th floor, Elsenheimerstr. 47a, Munich

Hello everybody. I think it would be great to have a LessWrong meeting in August. However, since it's holiday/vacation time, I am not sure how many are around so please indicate if will or may join. Activities: - I can give a short talk about deliberate practice and its possible application to applied rationality. - Discussion of interesting books for the summer break: tell about the last book that impressed you, learn about new books from others. - Other contributions are welcomed and encouraged. Please leave a comment if there is a topic or an article you want to discuss. - We can always play Zendo :-)

Discussion article for the meetup : Munich Meetup in August

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Comment author: pewi41 29 July 2017 07:57:00AM 0 points [-]

What about this year meeting? Meetings between professionals are always fruitful. and they have a positive impact on others also. I myself going to a meeting today. http://pc-bug.com

Comment author: Teobaldo 10 August 2016 09:13:16AM 0 points [-]

Don't forget to think of the summer reading list: what books did you read and like or you want to read and why?