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7 Post author: turchin 02 September 2016 04:49PM

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Comment author: qmotus 03 September 2016 12:36:29PM -1 points [-]

MUH has a certain appeal, but its problems as well, as you say (and substituting CUH for MUH feels a little ad hoc to me), and I fear parsimony can lead us astray here in any case. I still think it's a good attempt, but we should not be too eager to accept it.

Maybe you should make a map of reasons for why this question matters. It's probably been regarded as an uninteresting question since it is difficult (if not impossible) the test empirically, and because of this humanity has overall not directed enough brainpower to solving it.

Comment author: turchin 03 September 2016 09:45:59PM 0 points [-]

If we able to find the answer, it will provide as with exact knowledge of the nature of reality and solve all remaining questions about qualia and consciousness. The last will help to solve the problem of the nature of mind and personal identity and help with creation of AI and uploading. So, it will help us create safe AI and reach immortality. That is very practical goals.

The answer will also include a Theory of everything, which will provide us with complete understanding of physics.

So to have the answer is useful.

We also have some evidences for possible solution. In preambula to the map I listed 5 types of possible evidences. But non of them is definitive.