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36 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 February 2008 07:14PM

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Comment author: Kutta 21 August 2010 05:41:41PM *  2 points [-]

I have no idea what you mean by modern art. "Modern" referring to the time of creation or to a loose collection of specific artistic movements thriving mostly in the first half of the 20th century? Neither makes much sense to me when declared non-art; the first seems to include everything contemporary while the second includes, for example, Picasso or Virginia Woolf.

Comment author: bigjeff5 10 February 2011 08:21:09PM 0 points [-]

Modern-art is a specific type of art that was dominant between about 1860 to 1970'ish. Famous modern-artists are Picasso, and Van Goh, among others. It tends to be quirky and weird, but much more structured than simply splashing buckets of paint on a canvass.

A lot of people consider the vast majority of it to be trash. It's telling that it can be difficult to distinguish between modern art created by truly talented painters like Picasso and a hack who couldn't paint a simple bowl of fruit.

But then, art is fuzzy and subjective, so modern-art is not entirely dead.