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59 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 25 February 2008 11:57PM

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Comment author: Will_Pearson 26 February 2008 02:47:52PM 4 points [-]

There hasn't been much evidence of atheists forming groups that have the positive aspects that a church/synagogue/mosque holds in the social life of some humans. So you might forgive a theist pretending to be a rationalist, for not holding the probability of this happening very high, and that the world would lack said institutions and would be a worse place.

If rationalists truly wants to get rid of religions, without getting rid of humans, we would have to ask ourselves, "What do humans get out of being part of a religion?" And then provide that through organisations.

And please no strawmen of the comfort of ignorance, I am talking about reassurance of being with people who are trying to hold the same goal system.