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Meetup : Boston Secular Solstice

1 Post author: jimrandomh 30 November 2016 04:54AM

Discussion article for the meetup : Boston Secular Solstice

WHEN: 09 December 2016 08:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: MIT Chapel 48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

It is tradition, in the community of those who seek to become more rational, to gather one night of each year, and sing. We do this close to the winter solstice, which is the longest, darkest night of the year; and, gathered as a community, we stare into and confront the darkness. This consists of participatory singing and a few short speeches, following an emotional arc from light to darkness and back to light again.

It will be at the MIT Chapel (48 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge) starting at 8 PM and lasting about two hours.

Content notes:

  • Mild social pressure to sing.
  • Unflinching discussion of death and outside-view probabilities of failure. (It'll get sad!)
  • At least one sappy song about love and community.
  • At most one essay which references the probable non-existence of God (but the primary thesis of which is not about atheism).
  • Solstice is rated “PG-13”. Children are welcome, if you think it appropriate.

Optionally RSVP via Facebook and/or Meetup.

Discussion article for the meetup : Boston Secular Solstice

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