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Meetup : December Meetup in Munich

0 Post author: Teobaldo 09 December 2016 10:41AM

Discussion article for the meetup : December Meetup in Munich

WHEN: 10 December 2016 04:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Elsenheimerstr. 47a, 80687 Munich

The meetup will take place in the JetBrains Event Space. We will talk about Double Crux -- a CFAR exercise for resolving disagreements. We also do some practical exercises using double crux. There will be another round of the science-or-fiction game.

As last times, after the meetup we are going for some food and drinks in a restaurant/bar nearby and talk and/or play zendo depending on the mood.

Please read the post about Double Crux on LessWrong http://lesswrong.com/lw/o6p/double_crux_a_strategy_for_resolving_disagreement/ and think of one controversial belief that you would like use to practice the disagreement resolving strategy.

Discussion article for the meetup : December Meetup in Munich

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