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4 Post author: Elo 27 December 2016 12:01AM

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Comment author: peter_hurford 29 December 2016 06:47:15PM 0 points [-]

What category does writing posts go under? I'm impressed you can do a day job, write posts, and still have a lot of messing around time! :)

Comment author: Elo 29 December 2016 10:31:57PM 0 points [-]

I am so glad you said so because it means I can be delighted to call your attention to this post that I have previously written http://bearlamp.com.au/the-ladder-of-abstraction-and-giving-examples/

and to apologise because that's not actually my list of time use, it was an example because my time is not a conventional schedule and hard to relate to.

I can however give you a real example: in winter this year (Australia so 6 months ago), I was hitting a functional wall at 10pm, and only getting into the groove at 9am. Right now in summer it's more like 6am-2am (yes 4 hours of sleep several days this week means there are rumours I am a robot among my close family and friends)

for winter:
7am wake up
7-9 play on the slack, get out of bed and go for a run.
9-9:30 shower and sit at my desk
9:30-1 gap (3.5)
1-2 lunch with lachlan
2-5:30 gap (3)
5:30-9 biohack sydney meetup group
9-9:30 go home
9:30-10 consider work
10 sleep

In this day I had 6.5hrs in which I would have filled with things like emails, lesswrong, writing, research and any other type of work I had on. That's remarkably little time to work on things, and I got a lot less done than I am now. This is also why I would advocate for optimum diet and exercise routine to give you as much time and energy as you possibly can.