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Meetup : #10: Making a difference

0 Post author: toonalfrink 14 January 2017 05:29PM

Discussion article for the meetup : #10: Making a difference

WHEN: 22 January 2017 03:12:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Meester Treublaan 18, Amsterdam, Netherlands

(apologies to Tim for choosing this week's subject without consulting him) This week's theme will be 80.000hours, which is an EA-affiliated research group in Oxford that is figuring out for us how to do the most possible good with your career. Spoiler: you can matter a lot, but it's counterintuitive. Are you studying to become a doctor to save lives? You will on average save 3 lives over your career. If you become a Google employee instead, and give half of your income to charity, you might save 2000. If you plan to come, you are kindly requested to read up on 80k's career guide (https://80000hours.org/career-guide/). Buckle up though: it can be quite a life-changing read.

Discussion article for the meetup : #10: Making a difference

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