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46 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 17 March 2008 01:59AM

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Comment author: RobinZ 22 March 2010 07:01:16PM 1 point [-]

That theory has been thoroughly demolished by the evidence.

Comment author: fburnaby 22 March 2010 07:19:28PM 1 point [-]

The essentialist theory? I agree. I'm simply being as generous as conceivable about empirical details in my still-winning argument.

Comment author: RobinZ 22 March 2010 07:22:46PM *  1 point [-]

I don't understand what you mean. If the free-will-is-fundamental claim has negligible support, it isn't worth mentioning.

Edit: Ah, I didn't read the context. Bad RobinZ!