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Meetup : Moscow: regular meetups

0 Post author: berekuk 08 March 2017 06:37PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Moscow: regular meetups

WHEN: 01 January 2020 02:00:00PM (+0300)

WHERE: Москва, ул. Большая Дорогомиловская, д.5к2

This is a shared announcement for regular Moscow LessWrong meetups.

Moscow rationalist community is centered around Kocherga anticafe, with several events every week.

Our current approximate schedule is:

  • reading club on Mondays
  • rationality dojos on Fridays
  • general community meetups every 3 weeks on Sundays
  • paid CFAR-style weekend workshops every few months

Check out the list of events in Facebook or VKontakte for a full list of scheduled events.

The Schelling point for online discussions is LessWrong.ru slack chat, especially the #moscow_meetups channel.

Discussion article for the meetup : Moscow: regular meetups

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