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3 Post author: excinera 13 March 2017 05:24AM

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Comment author: Elo 14 March 2017 08:15:57PM 0 points [-]

I get the frustration. Make things obviously better than the current system and we will all swap right?

Comment author: username2 20 March 2017 10:16:19PM 1 point [-]

It's been available for years on Freenode IRC, in the #lesswrong channel. Feel free to use whatever front-end you prefer (most open-source chat apps support IRC, and there are web front-ends too.)

Comment author: Elo 20 March 2017 11:26:27PM 0 points [-]

obviously better

Comment author: username2 20 March 2017 11:39:23PM 0 points [-]

It is not obvious to me at all how Slack, Discord et al are in any way better than IRC, indeed I can think of many deficiencies related to interoperability and retention.