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14 Post author: Elo 16 March 2017 05:31AM

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Comment author: MrMind 17 March 2017 03:05:37PM *  2 points [-]

Surely, if you find yourself yak-shaving, then it means that things around you are broken. And usually adjusting brokeng things is good.
But what distinguishes yak-shaving from structured procrastination is that yak-shaving is a form of avoidance: yes, the hose is broken, but do you need to buy a new one or you can just temporarily fix it with tape? Do you really need an EZpass from your neighbour or you can just pay the toll? And so on.
If you yak-shave, you're putting unrelevant problems in front of the relevant ones in order to avoid the ugh field projected by the main issue.