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New York OB Meetup (ad-hoc) on Monday, Mar 24, @6pm

0 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 March 2008 09:07PM

Correction:  The giant Starbucks is at 13 Astor Place #25, not 51 Astor which is a smaller Starbucks.  (Yes, there are two Starbucks a block apart, here.)  The smaller Starbucks has metal steps and a ramp leading up; don't go here.  The giant Starbucks, which is where we want to go, is next to Lafayette and Astor.

I (Eliezer) am in New York at the moment, and will have some time free on Monday night, March 24th, to meet any interested New York Overcoming Bias readers.

Where:  The giant Starbucks at 13 Astor Place #25, New York, NY 10003
When:  6pm, this Monday (March 24th, 2008)
Who:  Eliezer Yudkowsky (866-983-597), Carl Shulman

If you plan on attending, please leave a comment, so we know to expect you.  If you're going to arrive later than 6pm, please note this as well.

I'll also be at Princeton on Sunday.  My time is already mostly spoken for, but if you're at Princeton and desperately want to meet up, comment or email before 7am tomorrow.

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Comment author: Allan_Benamer 23 March 2008 12:12:01AM 0 points [-]

Hi, I'm a big fan of your blog. It's been extremely helpful to me professionally and I'd like to express my gratitude in person. Hope to see you there!

Comment author: Skorgu2 23 March 2008 02:41:25AM 0 points [-]

This sounds like fun, I'll definitely try to make it.

Comment author: michael_vassar3 23 March 2008 02:57:19AM 0 points [-]

I'll be there.

Comment author: Doug_S. 23 March 2008 06:06:30AM 0 points [-]

I don't know if I can make it, but I'd like to be there... if I'm going, I'll post again.

Comment author: not_anonymous_tomorrow 24 March 2008 12:41:24AM 0 points [-]

I'll try to come to this.

Comment author: sohaib_hasan 24 March 2008 03:40:05AM 1 point [-]

Been reading your blog since the getgo and have been wishing for a long time that you would come to new york city one day. i will definitely try to make it there to express my gratitude. i'll give it a probability of 80% that i will come.

Comment author: carol 24 March 2008 03:57:17AM 0 points [-]

I'd like to go. I may bring 1 guest. Regards Carol

Comment author: Daniel_Humphries 24 March 2008 04:57:01AM 0 points [-]

I will be there!

Comment author: Nathan 24 March 2008 03:05:20PM 0 points [-]

Hoping to come; might be a bit past 6.

Comment author: drewdrytellar 24 March 2008 03:09:04PM 0 points [-]

I'll be there.

Comment author: brendon3 24 March 2008 03:36:32PM 0 points [-]

i'm another big, but non-contributing, fan of your blog. i don't get off work till 7, but i'll try to come after that to see if anyone's still around.

Comment author: shane_hope 24 March 2008 07:14:42PM 0 points [-]


Comment author: Michael6 24 March 2008 07:55:19PM 0 points [-]

I'll be there, maybe not right at 6.

Comment author: Kevin_W 24 March 2008 08:10:01PM 0 points [-]

Will be there.

Comment author: sharon-b 24 March 2008 08:39:57PM 0 points [-]

I wish I had known about this meeting earlier - I do not know if I can make it. - cheers

Comment author: Tim_Czech 24 March 2008 09:08:42PM 0 points [-]

I plan on being there about 6:15pm. I would be interested to here if anyone has any suggestions for a transhumanist-related dissertation topic for a PhD in philosophy.

Comment author: Josh_Kaufman 24 March 2008 09:17:29PM 0 points [-]

I'll be there!

Comment author: LazyDave 25 March 2008 02:12:20PM 0 points [-]

Eliezer - thanks for putting this together. I had a lot of fun; made me nostalgic for my college days when I would talk about things that actually kept my brain awake. Thanks also for the AI textbook suggestion; I have placed an order for it and will give MIT's (free) online undergrad class a shot.

Comment author: Richard4 25 March 2008 09:09:37PM 0 points [-]

Hi Eliezer - it was great meeting you on Sunday. I've tried to summarize and clarify some of our main philosophical disagreements, here.

[I originally posted this to a thread that has since been deleted. So I thought I should re-post, in case you missed it.]

Comment author: Roland2 25 March 2008 09:24:03PM 0 points [-]

DaveInNYC: Thanks also for the AI textbook suggestion;

Would you mind sharing which book it is? And which of MIT's (free) online undergrad classes are you refering to?

Thanks, Roland

Comment author: LazyDave 26 March 2008 02:09:05AM 0 points [-]

The book Eliezer suggested was Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. The course I am going to take is offered here and here. The list of all courses is here. The course I am looking at is an undergrad one; I figure that will give me a good idea of where I want to go with AI, whether that be pursuing my Masters or some other route....

Comment author: Roland2 26 March 2008 07:44:31AM 0 points [-]

Thanks for your reply DaveInNYC. The book by Norvig is a classic, I was wondering if Eliezer had suggested something totally exotic...

Comment author: how_to_write_a_masters_dissertation 24 February 2009 10:38:02AM 0 points [-]

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