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Meetup : Baltimore / UMBC

0 Post author: l1n 28 April 2017 06:50PM

Discussion article for the meetup : Baltimore / UMBC

WHEN: 30 April 2017 08:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Performing Arts and Humanities Building, 1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250, United States

Casual discussion group! Suggested Reading: [http://lesswrong.com/lw/ouc/project_hufflepuff_planting_the_flag/]. Meetup is on the 4th floor by the English department. Follow the voices. For help getting into the building, please text 619-357-6633.

Format: We meet and start hanging out at 8:00, but don’t officially start doing the meetup topic until 8:15-8:30 to accommodate stragglers.

Parking is available anywhere on campus because its a weekend. I suggest Lot 8.

Discussion article for the meetup : Baltimore / UMBC

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