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4 Post author: adamzerner 03 May 2017 04:32AM

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Comment author: adamzerner 03 May 2017 05:27:51PM *  1 point [-]

Thanks for calling this out. I was imagining explaining it to a friend or family member who is at least somewhat charitable and trusting of my judgement. In that case, I expect them to not raise hackles, and I think it's useful to communicate that I think the authors are particularly smart.

However, if this were something that were posted on Less Wrong's About page, for example, I could definitely see how this would turn newcomers away, and I agree with you. Self-promoting as "really, really smart" definitely does seem like something that turns people off and makes them skeptical.

Comment author: eternal_neophyte 03 May 2017 05:36:29PM 1 point [-]

Thank you for being gracious about accepting the criticism.

Comment author: adamzerner 03 May 2017 05:57:32PM 0 points [-]