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20 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 03 April 2008 01:37AM

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Comment author: PK 03 April 2008 08:32:48PM -1 points [-]

Too much philosophy and spinning around in circular definitions. Eliezer, you cannot transfer experiences, only words which hopefully point our minds to the right thing until we "get it". Layers upon layers of words trying to define reductionism won't make people who haven't "gotten it" yet "get it". It will just lead to increasingly more sophisticated confusion. I suppose the only thing that could snap people into "getting" reductionism at this point is lots of real world examples because that would emulate an experience. How is this useful for building an AGI anyway? Please change your explanation tactic or move on to a different topic(if you want).

Q: Is "snow is white" true? A: No, it is false. Sometimes it is yellow(don't eat it when yellow). Next question.