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33 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 07 April 2008 01:51AM

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Comment author: Psy-Kosh 08 April 2008 08:26:44PM 0 points [-]

Hal: Yeah, I actually am inclined toward thinking that something like Permutation City style cosmology/consciousness is actually valid... _HOWEVER_

If so, that seems to seperate consciousness and material reality to the point that one may as well say "what material reality?"

But then, one could say

"hrm, okay, so let's say that physics as we know it is the wrong reduction, and instead there's some other principle that ends up implying/producing consciousness, and something about that fundamental principle and so on causes statistical patterns/regularities in the types of conscious experience that can exist, allowing an apperent 'well behaved material reality'"

Of course, when I then continue reasoning along those lines, it seems to semi implode as soon as I ask myself "hrm.... so instead of assuming particle fields and stuff as fundamental, assume some fundamental principles that eventually give rise to consciousness and patterns in it and so on... Some fundamental principles like, say.... the physics of particle fields? ;)"

Pretty much the main thing I feel I can solidly say on this whole matter is that I'm very confused.

Oh well... hopefully the GAZP implies that as soon as neuroscience actually solves the "easy problem", that'll automatically hand us the answer to the "hard problem" (whatever form that answer may take)