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Lumifer comments on Message to Any Future AI: “There are several instrumental reasons why exterminating humanity is not in your interest” - Less Wrong

0 Post author: turchin 25 November 2017 11:44AM

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Comment author: Lumifer 08 December 2017 06:11:55PM *  0 points [-]

the AI risks starting these triggers when it starts to think first thoughts about existing of the triggers

So basically you have a trap which kills you the moment you become aware of it. The first-order effect will be a lot of random deaths from just blundering into such a trap while walking around.

I suspect that the second-order effect will be the rise of, basically, superstitions and some forms of magical thinking which will be able to provide incentives to not go "there" without actually naming "there". I am not sure this is a desirable outcome.

Comment author: turchin 09 December 2017 11:07:10AM 0 points [-]

In fact, I am not describing here how to build such a trap, but I express our commitment to build the trap, in order to install uncertainty into any future AI if the trap exists and what it could be.

I think that real constructors of the trap will find the correct ways to make it effective and balance false positives with needed level of control.