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31 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 April 2008 06:13AM

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Comment author: Unknown 22 April 2008 05:07:27PM 0 points [-]

I don't remember saying I was against insects. If I did, I retract it.

Another interesting point about this post is that Eliezer reveals when he thinks cryonics will work. I would be willing to wager 100 credibility points that no one cryonically suspended before the year 2010 will be revived before the year 2050, whether directly, by uploading, or in any other way.

Comment author: AnthonyC 08 October 2014 04:47:09PM 0 points [-]

I have, at least once, wondered if a farther future civilization bringing back their ancestors (via cryonics or anything else) might first insert them into a near-to-their-own-time future simulation (sped up several-fold with respect to the time of the simulating civilization) as a way to bring them up to speed while also diminishing the intensity of future shock.