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111 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 May 2008 05:55AM

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Comment author: rkyeun 27 April 2014 06:23:23PM *  -1 points [-]

Hmm, getting downvoted for pointing out that Earth biology is effectively an AI running on Von Neumann machines, in a story whose premise is that Earthlings are the unfriendly AI-in-the-box. I have to revise some priors, I didn't expect that of people.

Comment author: ChristianKl 27 April 2014 07:30:44PM 0 points [-]

Saying obvious stuff but missing the point that a debate is about can get you downvoted on LW.

The thing on which you should update is your mistaken belief that you understood the post that Caledonian2 made.