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111 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 May 2008 05:55AM

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Comment author: Kaj_Sotala 22 May 2008 06:34:48PM 7 points [-]

Dirkjan Ochtman: "the average IQ is 140": I tuned out after this, since it is impossible.

You missed the bit immeaditly after that (unless Eliezer edited it in after seeing your comment, I don't know): "the average IQ is 140 (on our scale)".

General commentary: Great story. Of course, in this story, the humans weren't making inferences based on the grids alone: they were working off thousands of years of established science (and billions of years of experimental work, for the evolutionary psychology bit). But on the other hand, an AI given (even read-only) Internet access wouldn't need to process things based just on a few webcamera frames either: it would have access to all of our accumulated knowledge, so the comparison holds roughly, for as long as you don't try to extend the analogy too far. And as pointed out, the AI could also derive a lot of math just by itself.